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Inception and Vision
In the spring of 2009, WILD BADGER POWER emerged with a mission to transform outdoor power equipment. The brand's founder, an experienced engineer with a love for gardening, ignited the journey. Their innovative spirit drove the development of the brand's inaugural prototype: a lithium-powered string trimmer, marking an early dedication to environmentally conscious practices.
Setting Up the Foundation
By 2012, WILD BADGER POWER had surpassed its modest origins. With an expanding team of engineers and designers, the brand inaugurated its initial dedicated facility for research and development. This represented a significant milestone, empowering the team to enhance their designs, experiment with new technologies, and pioneer cutting-edge features. Emphasizing in-house R&D established the cornerstone of the brand's dedication to excellence and forward-thinking innovation.
Manufacturing Mastery
With the increasing demand for WILD BADGER POWER's groundbreaking products, the year 2015 witnessed the unveiling of the brand's cutting-edge manufacturing plant. This facility integrated state-of-the-art production technologies alongside rigorous quality control protocols. With aspirations for global outreach, this manufacturing excellence solidified the brand's standing for unparalleled craftsmanship.
Global Reach and Recognition
In 2019, WILD BADGER POWER had evolved from a garage-based vision into a formidable presence in the outdoor power equipment sector on a global scale. The brand's venture into international markets was met with widespread praise for its exceptional quality, longevity, and inventive concepts. Acknowledging its dedication to environmentally conscious practices, WILD BADGER POWER received the Green Innovator Award, further cementing its status as a trailblazer in sustainable outdoor equipment.
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