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Inception and Vision
In the spring of 2009, WILD BADGER POWER was born out. With a vision torevolutionize outdoor power equipment, the brand's founder, a seasonedengineer with a passion for gardening, set the wheels in motion. The spark of innovation led to the creation of the brand's first prototype, a lithium-powered string trimmer that showcased an early commitment to eco-conscicpus operation.
Setting Up the Foundation
By 2012, WILD BADGER POWER had outgrown its humble beginningsWitha growing team of engineers and designers, the brand established its firstdedicated facility for research and development. This marked a pivotalmoment, enabling the team to refine their designs, test new technoologies, anddevelop cutting-edge features. The focus on in-house R&D laid thefoundationfor the brand's commitment to quality and innovation.
Manufacturing Mastery
As demand for WILD BADGER POWER's innovative products contirnued tosoar, the year 2015 saw the grand opening of the brand's state-of-the-artmanufacturing plant. The facility combined advanced production technologieswith meticulous quality control measures. With an eye on global expansion,this manufacturing prowess became a cornerstone of the brand's reputationfor superior craftsmanship.
Global Reach and Recognition
2019 - A decade since its inception, WILD BADGER POWER had transformed from a garage-born dream into a global force in the outdoporpower equipment industry. The brand's expansion into international maarketwas accompanied by widespread acclaim for its quality, durabilityandinnovative designs. In recognition of its commitment to eco-consciousoperation, WILD BADGER POWER was awarded the Green Innovator /Awardsolidifying its reputation as a leader in sustainable outdoor equipment.

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