L Robotic Lawn Mower


The Sunseeker L Robotic Mower takes mowing off your to-do list. Save time, effort, and money with the Sunseeker L Robotic Mower.

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The Sunseeker L Robotic Mower takes mowing off your to-do list. This high-powered robotic mower is ultra-quiet, easy to setup, and controlled by you from anywhere. Connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, download the Robotic Mower App (Apple or Google Store), and you can program a mowing routine that works with your schedule. The anti-slip wheels can climb up to a 20-degree incline and seamlessly mow uneven terrain. The Robotic Mower has automatic float-cutting technology to raise or lower the blades when hitting rough patches. The 3 razor-sharp blades deliver a cutting width of 8.7 inches, and the adjustable dial switches the blades between a cutting height of 1.6 to 3.2 inches. Grass clippings fall back into the grass to provide nutrients to the ground resulting in a greener, healthier yard. The ultra-sonic technology senses obstacles and has bumper sensors to safely twist and turn to keep mowing. Safety is our number one priority – the Robotic mower is equipped with an auto-stop feature when lifted, flipped, tilted, or senses a collision. It is also equipped with anti-theft technology. This mower also has a rain sensor and low battery sensor to return to the base when detected. Save time, effort, and money with the Sunseeker L Robotic Mower.


  • ULTRA QUIET: At less than 52dB(A), it is the quietest robotic mower on the market
  • EASY CONNECT: Connect through Bluetooth & WIFI
  • APP INSTALL: Intuitive, easy app download (Apple & Google Store)
  • APP FEATURES: Lawn size calculator, programmable schedule, multi-zone programming, edging only capabilities
  • MOWER FEATURES: Float cutting-automatic height adjustment, anti-slip robust wheels, ultra-sonic obstacle detection and bumper sensors, automatic passage detection, rain sensor, headlight
  • WASHABLE: On a light spray setting, hose down the robotic mower to clean off grass or debris clippings
  • SAFETY: Mower includes a PIN Code security and Anti-Theft device for peace of mind
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: L Robotic Mower, base charge station, install wire, and all accessories needed for proper installation


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 34.2 × 19.5 × 12.4 in


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