43CC Full Crank 2 Cycle Engine Backpack Blower


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43CC 2-Cycle Full Crank Backpack Blower

Say hello to the new, 2-Cycle, Full Crank, 43CC Backpack Blower ready to get the job done. Weighing in at only 17.4 lbs, this tool delivers a huge 550 CFM at 190 MPH. The back pack frame is made from high-impact nylon, keeping durability and comfort in the design. The engine is isolated on vibration killing shock absorbers while the durable frame has ballistic nylon, fully adjustable padded shoulder straps, and a cushioned back pad mounted to it. The air tube is just a touch over 5 feet, ensuring you can deliver that blast of air up close and personal while using your user adjustable throttle control.


  • Spark plug wrench & flat head screw driver tool
  • 3/16 Allen wrench
  • 5/32 Allen wrench
  • 10mm / 8mm wrench
  • Four 13″ tube sections
  • Two hose clamps – (for mounting to the flex out tube on the blower)

Notes about the product: This machine takes high octane gasoline, attachments and accessories not included. This product has not been evaluated for Prop65 and is therefore unable to be shipped to California.

493 in stock

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  • 2-Cycle 43CC heavy-duty full crank engine
  • Anti-vibration engine mounting system
  • Fully adjustable joystick control, variable speed/cruise control
  • Padded ballistic nylon shoulder straps and contoured back pad
  • 6-year homeowner warranty or 3-year commercial warranty

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 18 in

2 reviews for 43CC Full Crank 2 Cycle Engine Backpack Blower

  1. Timothy Palen

    Support on this item is nonexistent. Bought this item through LOWES and tried to order some parts for it since May 2020. Items were paid for through Mecanair. Mecanair has tried to get the parts with no luck from BADGER. I would not recommend any products from this company if they can not support part orders. Mecanair sent around 20 emails to badger with no answer on my parts order. I have the WBBPBL43-557162 gas leaf blower.

  2. Jared S.

    Out of the box very easy to assemble. I like how it is assembled the blower tips can be added or taken away but are twist locked and screwed together so they won’t come apart easy I do recommend a little blue loctite so they do not rattle out. The straps and padding are decent for what you are paying, could use a strap to clasp both arm straps together across chest. But it does not way anything and is very compact in size . The controls are very simple and your throttle and cruise work great just take your time to learn to use it I’m a big guy 5’10 250# and pretty good grip and as long as I’m gently it should last for years but I can see if your in a hurry you could break the controls but that’s hindsight’s I have used bigger more expensive commercial blower’s and definitively the badger is like its name sake mighty and aggressive and can keep up with the smaller big name brands guaranteed . All around very pleased with my purchase I have half a dozen maple trees and spruces and pines in my almost acre yard and it might take a little longer than that $600 name brand blower but it will do the job no problems great for the professional home owners out there that want a good product at affordable cost. And six year warranty for homeowner’s. Make sure you fill it out respectively.ps it even looks pretty good in blue

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