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General Questions

How does your return policy work?2019-09-29T22:10:55+04:00

All returns that fall within the 30 day money back guarantee are refunded in full. All returns that are deemed within warranty are 100% refunded and the shipping is paid.

What do you do with the information via a contact form or a purchase?2019-09-29T22:09:34+04:00

Warranty Registration information is kept on file to ensure that we have it at the ready if the need arises to submit a claim. We file any other submitted your information to support your needs. If you have opted into email messaging, we will use  and to make you aware of new products and promotions. If you have purchased a product, we will use it to ship your product and keep you updated about your orders progress via email.

Do you have a money back guarantee?2019-09-29T22:04:26+04:00

Yes, we have a 30 Day money back guarantee.

Want to see what others have to say before purchasing?2019-09-29T22:03:27+04:00

Check out our reviews!


I want to buy in bulk, how do I do that?2023-01-10T22:59:37+04:00

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team (customersupport@wildbadgerpower.com) and we will be happy to assist you!

Where can I buy Wild Badger Power Tools?2023-01-10T22:56:40+04:00

Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, Zoro, Tractor Supply Co., and our WildBadgerPower.com website.


How do I use the warranty?2019-09-29T21:52:22+04:00

Register your product on the website. All non-registered warranties require proof of purchase. If a warranty need arises, please call customer service or contact Badger via email through the website to arrange service as needed.

How long is the warranty period for equipment purchased for commercial use?2019-10-09T18:15:33+04:00

3 years for all power tools excluding wear items (spools, string, spark plugs, blades, and harnesses.)

How long is the warranty period for equipment purchased for home use?2023-01-10T01:13:44+04:00

3 years for all power tools excluding wear items (spools, string, spark plugs, blades, and harnesses.)

What does the warranty cover?2019-10-08T16:55:58+04:00

The warranty cover all non-wear items (motor, shaft, head, and connection points). Non-covered wear items include: Spools, String, Spark Plugs, Blades and Harnesses.


What is the average runtime of the 26CC String Trimmer?2019-10-03T15:56:24+04:00

When the string trimmer is used for average trimming work around a 1/2 acre property a full gas tank will last for 4-5 trimming sessions. If you are using an attachment such as the pole saw or brush cutter, the fuel will be consumed at a much faster rate. Due to the variables involved, we cannot estimate how quick your string trimmer will burn through fuel.

How long is the battery life on the 20V String Trimmer / Sweeper/Blower?2019-09-29T21:57:15+04:00

The runtime of the 20V String Trimmer  is sufficient to complete the trimming needs of the average 1/2 acre lot home site. The 20V Sweeper/Blower is sufficient for sweeping off an average 40ft two car driveway and sidewalk.

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