Hello, my name is Ryan Dean. I’m the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Wild Badger Power.
Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about the six-year warranty that we offer on all of our
power tools, all right. The first thing you need to know is that this brand has been around for
about three years and when we were developing it we wanted to make sure that the– that the user
had a high degree of confidence that the product that we’re offering to them is going to meet
their expectations and their needs and the best way we felt to do that was to offer the industry’s
best, 6-year warranty. Now, this warranty covers anything that is a manufacturer’s defect,
and what that means is that we do require a little bit of maintenance on these tools over time.
When you’re talking about your gas product, all right, putting a new spark plug in and gapping
every year is a requirement. Changing out the filter once in a while is required and just general
maintenance and upkeep. What is covered under that is, should this tool fail, all right, that
is not a user maintenance issue, it is 100% covered for the full six-year term. That means if
a coil goes bad or a pull start goes bad or something internally in the engine breaks, you are
100% covered. And this covers are 26CC, 31CC 4-cycle platform, and our 52CC two-cycle platform.
So have confidence that your power head is 100% covered for the full six years that we state.
When we transition to cordless product, all right, again the tool itself was covered for the
full six years. Should a motor go bad, a switch go bad, or some other issue that is not related
to maintenance or are usable piece of the tool like the spool or the string, all right. As we know,
those do get worn out, they get banged on the ground, all right, that is covered for six years
against any manufacturer’s defect. The only difference from when we’re talking about cordless
from a timeframe standpoint, our batteries and chargers are covered for two years instead
of the full six. So anytime in that two-year window, something goes wrong with your battery
or charger, just contact us through our website, customersupport.com, or call us on our 844
number and we will gladly make sure that you have whatever you need. Again, we designed this
system to be very, very easy to access and use and our goal is to ensure that your tool provides
you the performance that you require and need and have confidence that we will be there should
you ever have a need for any sort of issue that might arise. We want to thank you again for trusting
us with your purchase decision. We know you have a lot of options out there.

Thank you so much and come take a look at us at wildbadgerpower.com.