Welcome back again everybody: Ryan here with Wild Badger Power. We’re going to talk a little
bit about the edger attachment and how to assemble it. As we mentioned earlier. this edger attachment
actually comes in the 4-in-1 kit that we offer: the WDMT26E Assembling this is actually fairly
simple. This is also a part of our link-on system like we’ve talked about so it easily matches
all of our 26 CC and 31CC tools which are attachment capable. So, first thing you’re going to
do is just pop open your box and really, you’ve got two main pieces here. You’ve got your shaft
and you’ll notice that the shaft on this shoot is actually curved, all right. And of all of our
attachments this is the only one that has a flexible shaft and the reason that we do that is – and
it’ll become apparent here is – when you put it out on your tool, you want that edger to be just
a little off center so you can line it up as your edging down your sidewalk or your driveway. All
right, so we’re going to walk through how we put this together. So you’ll have your shaft. Like
we talked about before you got your E10 pins – the end that goes into the tool. Right here, you
have your set whole, all right, which goes into the housing for the actual edger itself. Piece

Piece two is the edger itself, and it does come fully assembled from the factory, minus the shaft,
all right. One thing to pay attention to is you’re going to want to drive a screwdriver or something
into the little set hole here and just take a wrench and tighten this knob down, just to make sure
that this blades on good and tight before you run it. So, we’re going to take this and put this
aside right here. You’re also going to get an instruction manual as well. This will walk you
through assembly as well as operation of the unit, all right. And if you need any of that, materials,
you can always visit us at wildbadgerpower.com, we’ll be happy to provide that for you if you
need it, all right.

Now, what we’re going to do is you can see this housing here. This is your guide wheel. This right
here is your actual side light guide. This actually goes in between the sidewalk or driveway
and into the –into the dirt itself. And then you have this fully adjustable height adjustment
right here. It gives you about four inches of adjustment, all right, so you can dig a pretty deep
trench if you’d like. Here you’ll see that set screw that we talked about earlier and that set
screw goes into this particular hole. And again, you’ll see we’ve got that square male. There’s
a square female down inside here, all right, and that’s going to insert down into there, all
right. So the next step, we’re going to insert this into here, all right and you’ll notice I kind
of adjusted it until I got that square male piece into the square female. Now, I’m just going
to take this set screw until I get it into the hole. You’ll notice how I got right there. It’s in
the hole. I’m gonna take this down. I’m going to take my three millimeter wrench and I’m going
to go ahead and tighten this up a little bit. I don’t need to be super tight here. I’m just trying
to bottom out and make sure that it’s in there good and snug. It does have a lock washer on it, so
a vibration is not going to knock it out. Then, what I need to do

is kind of back this up a little bit and put this knob in the position where I can access this nut
here, and I’m going to go to my six millimeter wrench and tighten this down. And this is the compression
piece. This right here, you want to snug up pretty good as well. Again, you don’t want to over
do it, all right, because you don’t want to — you don’t want to snap the threads, all right. And
one more turn ought to get me here.

Like that, I’m there. Now I’m going to snug this down, all right, and my edger attachment is almost
ready for you. So notice how this is sticking out. I just want to kind of do this, and then push
it down in. All right, now that’s inserted all the way down into the gear box which is going to
turn this blade and we’re ready to hook this up to our link-on capable 26CC or 31CC power head
and go edging.

Thanks for watching.