Welcome back, everybody. Ryan here with Wild Badger Power. Right now we’re going to be talking
about our hedge trimmer attachment and how to assemble it. A little bit of light maintenance
as well. This tool actually comes as part of our 4-in-1 kit like we talked about earlier. It is
also available for purchase individually with our different retail partners, as well as on
wildbadgerpower.com. This is a 15-inch hedge trimmer blade, cutting wise. 30-inch shaft
gives you a nice reach. It is also articulating. So when you get your tool, it’ll come in two pieces.
You’ll have the trimmer head itself and then your shaft. Assembly here is actually quite simple,
all right. You’re going to need a 3 millimeter Allen wrench. You’re going to take your shaft,
and you take a look at it real quick, making sure that you’ve got your E10 pin end. This is the part
that goes back into the tool, all right. And then you’ll take a look here and you’ll see how this
drive piece–this square drive piece is sticking out roughly an inch or so I’d say. Then you
have a set hole, all right. Now this set hole, all right, is going to align with your set screw
on this body. All right, I’m going to take this, I’m going to line this up, all right, and then
I’m just going to feel my way here as I get this down and I can feel that that set screw is now inside
that hole. I will then go ahead and cinch that down

This is now locked in and then this right here is the compression nut, all right, or the compression
bolt. And this right here, just needs to be bottomed out. You want to snug it up real good. You
don’t want to over tighten it. Now that I’ve got this done, this tool, all right, is virtually
assembled, I’m going to come up here. You’ll notice this is sticking out. I can kind of feel my
way that will slip down into the socket down in this– this head here and I slide it in. This tool
is now ready to be used. Like we’ve talked about, this does articulate one hundred and eighty
degrees so you can see as it goes back and forth like this, I can set that anyway I’d like. Just
some light maintenance notes, again, this is a 15-inch blade. You can cut about a 3/4 inch branch,
maybe a little bit larger than that, with a whole lot of ease. Yeah, you want to drop a little bit
of oil on that blade, you know, once or twice a season and you’ll also notice that you have these
zerks right here, all right, and once or twice a season, you’re going to want to drop some lightweight
grease in there just a– just a light pump or two; doesn’t require a lot. And it will keep your
tool properly lubricated and by oiling it, you’ll get peak performance and it will give you
nice clean cuts for many years to come. So, thanks for joining us and for any more details on this,
just join us on wildbadgerpower.com.

Thanks for your time.