Welcome back again everybody, Ryan with Wild Badger Power. Right now,we’re going to talk about
the starting procedure for the 52 CC brush cutter. As we mentioned previously, this is the same
starting procedure for all of our tools. But we really want to start off with kind of the basics,
right? First we want to do is want to make sure that the tool is filled with fuel, alright? And
it’s a 50 to one mix. We highly recommend using the premix fuels out there. You’ll see those at
your local farm and hardware stores. It’s a couple of reasons for that. One, when you go to the
gas station today, it’s very difficult to find fuel that it does not have 10% ethanol, right?
Ethanol is terrible for small engines and the pre-mixed fuels are the proper Octane. And they
have no ethanol in the fuel whatsoever. And this will give you the peak performance that you’re
looking for and the longevity that we that you’re looking for in your tool as well. For those
of you that are okay with pre-mixing, your own fuel, just kind of forget what I just said. But
for those of you that are not using a pre-mixed fuel is highly recommended. It just makes it much
simpler and gives you the peak performance for the tool that you’re looking for. And so the starting
procedure is very simple. First thing we’re going to do. Alright, is pump our bulb here on our
carburetor at least 10 times. Now, as I mentioned before, on the 26CC video, these carburetors
have a bypass so you never have to worry about ever flooding the tool. You could pump It 20 times
and it’d be fine. But the minimum you want to pump this this bulb is 10 times. That’s right down
here at the bottom of the carburetor. So I’m going to start pumping it. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now my carburetor is primed. I’m going to make sure that
the tool is now in the start position, which is choke. Alright, I’m going to come over here to
make sure that my on switch, my kill switch, is in the on position. This is slave to on so it should
be fine. All right and then what I’m going to do, this here is my throttle, I’m gonna push in, pull
my throttle to full, and I’m going to lock it in position. Alright, so that my throttle is locked
on. Next step, is I’m going to take and pull my recoil starter, three to five times. I should get
a pop. Alright, like the engine wants to start. I’m going to then run my choke lever down into
run, alright, and pull the recoil starter in the engine should fire, right up and go to full throttle
pretty fast for you and that’s the starting procedure for this tool. It’s very simple, very
easy and If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us and Wildbadgerpower.com and
will walk you through it.

Thanks for watching.