Welcome back, everybody. My name is Ryan with Wild Badger Power. Today we’re going to be talking
about two of the best values in the outdoor power equipment market today and our 4-in-1 multi-tool
offerings. These two packages provide you virtually everything you need to take care of your
yard. All right, they’re built around our 26CC two-cycle motor, all right. In this unit right
here, like we talked about before, it is covered by our six-year warranty. So the two kits, one
is what we call an edger kit, the other one is what we call a pole saw kit. They both have this same
power pack, straight shaft string trimmer 17-inch path, the ability to mount a three tooth-brush
cutter blade with a one-inch arbor. You can use other brush cutter blades on this tool as long
as it’s got a one-inch arbor, Both of them come with the dual action hedge trimmer, which has
one hundred and eighty degrees articulation,

and where we separate is one comes with the 9-inch edger attachment, which is fully adjustable,
got a nice industrial wheel and debris flap to protect you as you’re making that primary edge
down your driveway, all right, and then we have the fully articulated pole saw here and its features
a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain, all right. So like I said, this all– this is all covered again
by our six-year warranty. As we covered in a previous video and this truly provides really the
best value in the marketplace. You’ll save time because you have all these tools in one package.
You’ll save space in your garage because you have the ability to switch between one application
to the next. And more importantly, you’ll save money. This whole entire package if you were
to price it out individually: the trimmer and then add a hedge trimmer attachment, a pole saw
attachment or an edger? You’d run right around $400. These kits retail every day for $219, And
like we’ve said, backed by that six-year warranty. So, I highly encourage you to check them
out if you haven’t already. We have plenty of information on the website, we have people standing
by online to answer any questions that you might have.

Please come check it out: wildbadgerpower.com

And we thank you for your time.