Welcome back, everybody: Ryan here with Wild Badger Power. Today we’re going to talk about
the starting procedure for the Wild Badger four-cycle products and it’s very similar to the
two-cycle. But before we really get into the starting procedure, let’s talk a little bit about
the fuel that is used in these tools, all right. As four-cycle would – would lend you to believe,
there is no mixing of oil and gas with these tools. A four-cycle engine is just like your lawnmower
engine or the engine in your car. There’s an oil pan underneath; inside that requires you to
put a little bit of oil in there to lubricate the motor, but you do not have to mix any oil within
the gas. We do recommend, however, that you use at least a 90-octane or better ethanol-free
fuel. You can purchase these fuels, um, what they call premium fuels at any home center that
you like and the reason that we do that, that we recommend that, is those are guaranteed to be
ethanol-free. It can be a challenge in some parts of the country to find a gas station that does
not – that has – that does not have anything but ethanol gas so you might want to have a look at that
as an option for you. So first thing we’re going to do to start this tool: obviously we’re going
to make sure that there’s no fuel in it and as we talked about with our two-cycle products, all
right, the first step, all right, is to go ahead and pump this bulb on the bottom of the carburetor
at least 10 times. Again, these carburetors have a bypass so you don’t have to worry about ever
flooding it. You can pump it as many times as you like, but the minimum you’re going to want to
pump here is ten times. I’m going to pump it ten times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten. I’m going to ensure that my choke lever is in the “start” position. Turn that
up here. All right, I’m going to come to my throttle. I’m going to ensure that the tool is in the
“on” position, all right, Without this in the “on” position, the magneto is disconnected and
you’ll get no spark and the engine will not start. We’re in the “on” position. Next step is I’m
going to take and move my throttle to all the way full. I’m going to pull the recoil starter, three
to five times. In that – in that window, the engine will pop, all right. Once the engine is popped,
I will then run it down – the choke lever down into “run”. Pull the lever again, again with the
throttle full on, and the engine should burst to life and come to full speed for you pretty quick.
And it really is just that simple to start this four-cycle. One of the things you’ll notice when
this starts, that this engine is far quieter than the two-cycle. Part of that is just because
of the way the mechanism operates, and that’s how you start a Wild Badger Four-Cycle string Trimmer.

Thanks for your time.