Hey everybody! Ryan here again with Wild Badger Power. Today we’re going to talk about reloading the spool on our 52 CC Straight Shaft Brush Cutter and String Trimmer. Now this spool is actually a little more traditional than our Twist-N-Load. It’s actually fairly simple to reload; slightly different than some others that you’ve seen out there, but we think it makes it a little bit easier to use.

First thing we’re going to do is you’ve got these little tabs on the side that you can see right here. Take a thumb and forefinger, pop the top off. Inside, you’ll see the spool. Now on some others you’ll see you have to actually insert the line into a little hole and then wrap it in the opposite directions. With this spool, you don’t have to do that. What we’ll do is we’ll pay off about 10 feet or so line – I’ve already kind of done that here – and then we’re going to fold it in half. You can see how I fold it, and I’ve actually bent it a little bit right here. What we’ll do is we’ll take this and you’ll see there is actually an arrow here on this spool. That arrow denotes the direction of wrap. I then take and I put the line inside of this little notch and then I just wind it up. With one string on one end and one string on the other. Here you can see one side, this side and one on this side and I just keep wrapping it up until I get to a place on this spool where I can lock it into these little notches on the side. And those are – these lines are going to be fed out through the notches where the string protrudes for us to do work.

So as I wrap this up you’ll notice we’re getting toward the end. We’ll take this and I’ll lock this into that little notch and I’ll take one, this one I ran on the other side, and I’ll lock it like this. Then, take this, and I place it inside the housing like this, and I feed that line down through this notch here, down through this notch here, and I replace my lid and there I am. I am done and ready to go string trimming again.